Who is

Fabio Fiore is a Genoese singer-songwriter, producer and arranger. His music blends traditional acoustic instrumentation and electronic sounds, his voice is inspired by modern pop and r & b modulation.
He began his musical journey very early, immediately availing himself of collaborations with important record companies and with established musicians for about 13 years. Author for Universal Music Italy, Fabio Fiore is presented to the South American market for a production by Sony Music Latino. The project provides for the launch of the artist at an international level who suddenly stops following a serious family loss that effectively prevents his transfer from Italy.
After more than 15 years of hiatus to the public, on January 1, 2021, he publishes the new single! Ho which shows the artist with a renewed awareness of his own experience, gaining new acclaim from the recording market.
In February the album due.zero debuts, with 6 other unreleased tracks, and in May the new single "Inutilità".
In July Fabio Fiore signs his in connection with Dream Records in Milan.

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