Who is

Versatile and multifaceted personality, as well as his music and his writing, devoid of any prejudice.
In 1997 he participated in the selections of the FestiVal of Castrocaro with the production and supervision of Gaetano Ria (sound engineer of Lucio Battisti, Lucio Dalla, Pino Daniele etc)
in the following years, together with the same, he participated in the Jubilee 2000 of Tor Vergata in Rome.
In 2001 his first single Festa was released, the song was broadcast on many Italian radios. The Record Project is launched in a Live Tour, touching the major summer locations.
In 2002 he released his second single Eurofesta, the song is an ironic photograph and more, of the historic European monetary change.

In the same year 2002, he participated in the selections of the FestiVal of San Marino with the song Anna. In the meantime, the live experience intensifies in the clubs and theaters of the capital (The club-Caffe 'Latino-Classico-Villa Celimontana-etc.).
In 2005 Fabrizio participates in the Rai (Futura) program "La Fabbrica della musica", as a songwriter.
In 2005 he performs at Villa Celimontana in Rome for a single concert, where he presents unpublished pieces. the concert is recorded and published in an Ep entitled "MusiConcert".
In 2006 it was produced by Daniele Sinigallia (Tiromancino, Marina Rei, Niccolo’Fabi, etc), and subsequently the involvement of the label
"The Pilots" (Alex Baroni - Giorgia)
In 2008 he intensified the Live experience between clubs and the Manzoni Theater and in the summer he played with one of the Umberto Smaila's Band in Grimaldi Lines.
In 2009 he began working on his first album in Milan with the collaboration of Massimo Luca (L.Battisti- G.Grignani-B.Antonacci-E.Bennato- F. De Andrè-etc). In 2010 he presented the new album in Preview / Concert, duet for the occasion with Gazebo (I Like Chopin- Masterpiece, etc).
In 2010 he produces and records the album of the Etno Jazz group, Parafusion.
In 2010 he became Managing Director of MakeMusic (Web Radio) together with Giampaolo Rosselli (Bmg / Sony) and guitarist Mario Schilirò (Zucchero-Patty Pravo, A. Venditti etc).
In 2011 the album "Succede Di Tutto" was released. The Project sees the collaboration of Massimo Luca (Lucio Battisti-Grignani-De Andrè-etc) and Nicola Venieri (Vasco Rossi).
In 2012 the single Eastwood was released in Acoustic version, a song previously written and never published before.
RadioDeejay - Sugar by Caterina Caselli, etc), who listens to some songs by Fabrizio and decides to promote the single “Il Pero”. The song will be released shortly thereafter, on many Italian radio stations.
In 2012 creator and responsible together with Gazebo (I Like Chopin- Masterpiece, etc) of Radio Gazebo.
In 2012 he participated in the Ozu Film Festival writing the soundtrack adapted to the Alice in Wonderland masterpiece by Cecil M. Hepworth (1903).
In 2012 and 2013 he participated as a guest in the Marta Russo Award and Una stella per Marta, events organized by the Marta Russo Association at the Golden Theater in Rome and at the San Sisto Oranger.
In November 2013 the Single Track Acquarello was released, a song written by Toquinho and reinterpreted by Fabrizio Festa.
In February 2014 the Single Track Mondobici comes out, anticipates the release of the new album.
In May 2014, Amore Assoluto was released, rewritten in four hands with Federico Zampaglione (Tiromancino).
In 2014 he collaborated with Ezio Luzzi (Radio Rai).
In 2014 he participates in the Valentina GioVagnini Award. In 2015 he participates in Musica Controcorrente.
In 2015 his Artistic Project was published with the Single Track Mondobici on the Portal of the Pressing Line, the historic record label founded by Lucio Dalla (Luca Carboni - Samuele Bersani) Artistic Director Marcello Balestra.
On March 13, 2016 his new album, Contatto, containing 10 Songs, of which 9 Singles and 1 Instrumental (soundtrack) is released. Kaleidoscope Album, Multicolored.
Since 2017 he has been part of the National Actors and Singers football team.
In 2018 Finalist Award at the International Short Film Festival Black silk tulips, presented the “Cinematografico” Video / Canzone Buon Viaggio project.
In December 2018 the book by Fabrizio Festa was released, the novel entitled The Altar. In November 2019 the project / song "I went to pee" comes out.
In May 2021, the new project / song Is how love makes is released, distributed by Dream Records.

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