Who is

Arianna Minisini aka Sadaya was born on 23 September 1992 in the province of Udine.
Her only child, she grows up in a family united by an arranged marriage with an Italian father and a Filipino mother. Her love for music and dance will never make her feel alone even though she is the only child; a very sunny girl often misunderstood by other children because she was "closed in her world". Always endowed with great creativity at the age of 7, upon returning from school, she preferred to invent songs to sing back to peluches (the first was titled "Better the moon or better the stars") listen to the cassette tapes of "YOU SING" and re-sing the excerpts by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston not caring who could hear her or the neighbors who complimented her parents the next day.
It is precisely the mother who influences Sadaya with her love for music and on her 19th birthday she accompanies her to a karaoke evening where she meets the partner with whom she will form her first musical project, bringing her closer to the world of the piano bar and 'interpretation of the pieces in an acoustic key.
Sadaya has participated in various projects related to music, such as live concerts, studio recordings and participation in artistic events in Italy and abroad. Her style is influenced by the pop, R&B, soul and pop rock genres;
Music joins the stage presence, creating a spontaneous, clear and impactful character.
- "for me music is my highest expression of artistic communication where a special bond is created between my emotions and the body: it is my freedom."

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