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Urban Dream, a band from Turin, appears on the international music scene with a Vintage sound, but which blends deliberately into current sounds.A rock band strongly desired by the record producer Gianluca Belmonte of the Dream Records label, for their originality! A Vintage sound that brings back and challenges the times with songs like their first single "Memories", lasting over 6 minutes! Against time in this sense, although their ethics is to bring back the true Rock style Deep Purple & Classic Rock of the 70s. Their originality lies in making everything even more pleasant by blending everything in a current time. Why Urban Dream? concept of the "urban dream" means the determination as well as the desire to be able to make it, to ensure that one's dreams take shape, despite starting from scratch among the many difficulties. common goal.The Turin band, with an eclectic sound, faces the international music scene experimenting the thousand and more facets of the rock genre. which they have faced and face all the challenges that the road to success holds. The official line-up sees Alexandro Liciu on vocals, Davide Pecoraro on guitar, Gioele Petiti on bass and Elisa Minnelli on drums.

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